Scrap material handling Cranes

Material Handling Cranes

Strong Cranes for tough material handling and transport operations.

KAMA Cranes are designed for max. Performance, capacities and max. reliability.

KAMA Material Handling Cranes are available for robust modular chassis for customized applications;(mobile by crawler, stationary, truct mounted and heighten by pylon pipe as optional)

The handling cranes are equiped with hydraulic cabin for comfort and  field vision. Untill 20 m boom length and different speed connection gussets ( polyp grab, cable drum, grabs for loading sand, timber grabs, grabs for loading stone,,magnets)

KAMA CRANES, is producing electric powered handling cranes for 15 years and this experience underline it’s innovation leadership. Comparing to diesel engine, there is up to %70 low operating costs and there is  observable and considreble echonomic and environmental gain

Very low operating costs because of low energy costs

Comparing to diesel engines very long maintenence periods and low maintence costs (no need to change fuel, oil filters and engine oil)

It is ready for operating everytime, it doesn’t need fuel or fuel tank

Modern elektro-hydraulic driven engines don’t only have low costs also they work as environment friendly and do not cause exhaust fumes

Overview of All Models

All electric powered movable by crawler and fixed crane models
ModelTypeOperation weightMax. Boom Extension
KM 209Stationary13-17 t9 m
KM 210Stationary14-24 t10 m
KM 211Stationary16-25 t11 m
KM 212Stationary17-25 t12 m
KM 213Stationary18-26 t13 m
KM 310Stationary20-29 t10 m
KM 312Stationary24-33 t12 m
KM 414Stationary25-42 t14 m
KM 416Stationary30-60 t16 m
KM 417Stationary32-62 t17 m
KM 418Stationary40-72 t18 m
KM 520Stationary45-80 t20 m
KM 200 L1 HU2-SEStationary4,5 t9,1 m
KM 300 L1 HU2-SEStationary6 t9,3 m
KM 360 L2 HU2-SEStationary7,5 t10 m
KM 450 L2 HU2-SEStationary9 t11 m
All crane types for Truck mounted (via power take off) and diesel engine powered
ModelTypeOperation weightMax. Boom Extension
KM 150HS-1Truck Mounted3,15 t7,45 m
KM 210HS-2Truck Mounted3,5 t9 m
KM 240HS-2Truck Mounted4 t10 m
KM 200 L1 HU2Truck Mounted5,6 t9,1 m
KM 300 L1 HU2Truck Mounted7,6 t9,3 m
KM 360 L2 HU2Truck Mounted8,5 t10 m
KM 450 L2 HU2Truck Mounted10,3 t11 m
KM 211(Ekskavatör tipi)Truck Mounted18,7 t11 m